Memories On The Walls

Friday, April 25, 2014

One of things I love to surround myself with in my home are blown up photos and art of where my husband and I have traveled. When we took our road trip across the U.S. we spent an amazing week in Sedona and I have two large photos of the red rocks in my living room that I admire daily. I often think about the amazing hike we took there our last night. The sun was setting just as we reached the top, the sand was blazing red, the air was dry and crisp. Someone down in the valley was playing Amazing Grace on a flute. It was such a magical and healing moment. Those photos instantly take me back to that peaceful hike. Sometimes I think we fill our homes with things that after a while we tend to forget are even there. I try not to do this because I can't stand owning a bunch of stuff that doesn't have any meaning to me.
 Each year on our wedding anniversary we find a piece of art that speaks to us. On our honeymoon we had an artist draw us while we were in Vegas. Last year we bought a small painting of a ship (with our name on it) and a lighthouse from a local artist during our stay in Maine.
Today I am reliving our amazing trip to Texas. One of the highlights was the lantern festival and one of my photos will grace our walls. Some day when I'm a very old lady I will look back at all these beautiful memories and smile knowing my life was an adventure.

New Designs!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We've been working very hard in the shop this week to roll out some new products! I love designing! As a little girl I spent summers with my grandmother, she is a craftswoman/artist. She was so patient and taught me to sew, draw, sculpt, and most importantly play! Art became a beautiful thing for me from a young age. Hours could pass and to me it feels like seconds when I'm creating. It's my privilege that I get to make things for others.

Here's what I've been working on this week. Pretty neat huh?

The Vintage Yellow Coat.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The coat, it's interesting past, and facebook on.

I absolutely love thrifting. There's something really exciting about hunting for the perfect vintage treasure. Often times it takes me a few trips to find something awe inspiring but it's really fun and relaxing. The last time The Marine and I set out for a thrifting adventure I found a gorgeous vintage yellow coat. This was a real beauty. Cut so it emphases all the right curves, beautiful fabric, just the right length, so vintage. They don't make them like that anymore ladies. The thing about thrifting is that once you find your treasure it actually has to fit! As I closed the curtain to the dressing room, I crossed my fingers that my gem could come home with me. I slid on each arm, buttoned the front and turned to the mirror. It fit like a glove. Smiling the whole way home, I felt like Laura, queen of awesome vintage finds!

Another love of mine is anything old with a story, especially old houses. I am also a huge lover of solving mysteries. On every trip my husband and I take, I always find some old mansion to explore and discover her secrets, but that's another story entirely. But I thought I should prefix the next part of my post with that.

 A few days later I had the perfect occasion to rock out my new yellow coat. All night I got compliments on my little gem. That's the beauty of vintage, it's a one of a kind treasure now.
My husband and I made the drive home in the chilly night air. I slipped my hands into my pockets to warm them up and discovered a crumpled piece of paper. "Great an old candy wrapper stuck to my new coat!" I thought. But as I pulled it out I realized the paper had someone's name on it. Of course I just had to find out the story of who owned my coat before me. I promise I am not a cyber stalker. ;) Lol!

I got on my computer when we got home and googled the name on the paper. A few names popped up and I clicked the one with a facebook account. A beautiful woman appeared on my screen and I clicked the "photos" link. As I looked through them I found my beloved new coat. One photo was of her and her husband in a big field with colorful leaves on the trees and ground. She looked happy and loved. Another was of her in the coat, buttons undone, to accommodate her pregnant belly. Yet another was surrounded by her three children in the vintage yellow coat. Not only had this woman loved this coat but she had shared her most precious life moments in it. I clicked through a few more photos to find a very old photo of possibly her grandmother wearing a strikingly similar coat. In the photo she was kissing her husband with a baby in her arms. Apparently my coat had a long history, a beautiful past.

I started thinking about how everything has a story. I know they are only clothes. Yet somehow they can take on a very special meaning to those who have experienced life's amazing moments in them. I don't know why she donated her coat, maybe so that someone just like me could make some beautiful memories in it of their own.

To the women who owned my vintage yellow coat before me. Thanks for passing her on. 

Job Fun!

Friday, April 11, 2014

When I started this blog last month my intention was to write at least a few times a week but since our arrival back to Pennsylvania I have been sick and spending most of my free time trying to get better ie: surfing the couch.  I did get a little time to add some new designs to our website though! I had so much fun creating these onesies I almost forgot how yucky I felt!

 With the new Captain America movie out, this onesie is such a fun way to celebrate your little superhero!
You can get one here:

My husband is a total gamer. I created this one in his honor. Check out our Legend Of Zelda Onesie.
I had such a fun day designing all these superhero onesies!
When I showed the office the funny baby onesies, everyone got a kick out of them so I considered them a success! :)

Birth: Nailed It!

You can find all of our funny onesies and costume onesies on our site here:

A Healthy Dinner That Tastes Good.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In my last post I talked a bit about my own journey to wellness. I want to start sharing some of the recipes I have found to be truly nutritious and delicious. These recipes are geared for those who need a low glycemic diet but everyone would benefit greatly from this form of eating.  The foods I share also have to taste good and be very filling to fit into my regime. If I am hungry 20 minutes later or they taste gross, you won't find me eating them. SO here goes!

Last night my husband and I made one of my favorites, grilled chicken and pseudo potatoes. Since the goal is to eliminate fast sugary carbs like potatoes we substitute cauliflower in their place. Don't knock it until you try it! It's really good! 
My stew pot cooking the ingredients.
It's super simple. 
Here's how to make them. Add your grilled chicken, a fresh or frozen vegetable to your plate as well and you are in business.

*1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
*1 medium head of cauliflower
*1 medium apple
*1 medium yellow onion
* 2 teaspoons of curry powder(I don't add this)
*A pinch of sea salt and pepper
*1 cup of water.
We have also made them with garlic instead of the apple with delicious results. 

Heat the oil in a stew pot, when the oil is simmering add the cauliflower, apple, and onion. Make sure to break the cauliflower up into small pieces as shown in my photo above.
When the 3 ingredients are covered in the oil, add the water, salt and pepper.
Cover and cook until the cauliflower is tender. Turn down the heat so it doesn't burn and stir often.
Transfer the contents from pot to food processor and pulse until you achieve a mashed potato consistency.  Don't overdo it though or you will end up with runny soup. 

That's it! I meant to take a photo of the completed meal but hey we were hungry! 

*Tip: Make extra so that you have good lunch tomorrow and you aren't tempted to eat garbage. :)
Cauliflower is so incredibly good for you! Stay happy and healthy my friends!

Why Overweight Women Know More About Health Than You.

Monday, March 24, 2014

This subject is a bit touchy for me. I've actually been planning to write about it ever since my long car ride back to Pennsylvania. I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to say here, yet I put off the post knowing there will be some of you who will probably rudely disagree. But I know this is something that needs to be said because it's important to me.

I often hear people calling overweight women "lazy." But in all the women I have meant, I have yet to meet an overweight lazy one. On the contrary, most women who would be deemed as "overweight" lead busy and successful lives. Now I'm not saying there aren't lazy folks out there, of course there are, but I'm saying I've only encountered the opposite. The typical woman nowadays juggles children, spouse, meals, home, and a very busy and demanding work life. Hardly lazy. I can also guarantee that at least 90% of overweight women know more about health than most of you and probably a whole lot of wanna-be trainers. Here's how I know.

Hilda, the wildly popular pinup from the 1950's. Love her.

At 24 I was in the best shape of my life. I would run a couple of miles a day(and enjoyed it), I lifted weights, and I ate what I thought was healthy. My body was slim and I worked hard to keep it that way. And I did for quite some time until well my world fell apart. I have had hypoglycemia my entire life and my habit of eating worked until I was under a tremendous amount of stress(loved one with cancer). I noticed my body reacting to this 5 year stress binge in the most curious of ways. It seemed no matter what I ate, I gained weight and I felt terrible physically and emotionally. I was doing everything exactly the same, the same diet, the varied workouts, the whole nine. But my body was a strange new land where everything seemed determined to knock me down and bury me ten feet deep. It was a very frustrating and sad time in my life. But it also forced me to research what the heck was going on with me.  And let's face it, most overweight women have probably researched and tried at least 10 diets that failed them completely. They too felt the pressure to be slim, that their bodies are somehow flawed because they have fat on them. I can guarantee that they have been called lazy or worse out of ignorance. If that doesn't motivate(hurt really) you I don't know what will. So they secretly swore to themselves that THIS, this would be the one that works. But it doesn't. And they feel even worse about themselves. I know, I've been there. Then the advice comes. "Just eat less and exercise!" "Join this gym!" "Do hot yoga!"

What people don't realize is that humans aren't fat from eating too much. Humans are fat because they are absolutely starved of nutrition.
Every single obese person you see is actually starving.  Quite literally nutrient starved. So eating less is not going to solve their problem in the long term. This is science, look it up. When the body is constantly fed nutrient lacking foods they are stored as fat. But yet we are pushing women to eat less, exercise more. When we should be saying eat the right foods in the right combinations and you will never be hungry and you will feel better.

There is this very ugly stigma that overweight women are pigs, that their lazy, that they have no willpower. We as a society have failed them. It infuriates me. I've been on both sides of this coin and I bite my tongue every time a piece of crappy advice is given by someone who hasn't spent as much time as us ladies who have literally tried everything and failed.

The science behind my sudden body swap a few years back was stress hormones and nutritional. Did you know when you are stressed cortisol(a hormone) is pumped into your body at alarming rates? Guess what it does? It affects your blood sugar. And when your blood sugar is out of whack, your weight, your moods, your well being is out of whack. You can get horrible migraines(and I did), anxiety attacks(yes those too). Pair that with fast carbs and you have a recipe for disaster. And a disaster I was. Thankfully I came across Dr. Mark Hyman and I began, for the first time in my life, to put the pieces together on how I could be truly healthy. Looking sexy in my clothes is great but feeling good, living a long healthy life, not dying at 50 like my dad did, those things are priceless.

So all this is to say that overweight women know more because they know everything that doesn't work. They know this because they have put in the sweat, the tears, the willpower to try and try again. Two years ago I implemented this way of eating and I felt absolutely wonderful! Then our business took off and I worked many 14 hour days.
But despite my insane work schedule I have promised myself that I will begin to put truly healthful eating into my life. Would I like to wear a cute bikini again? Heck yeah! But I am doing this to heal my body from a lifelong ignorance with my hypoglycemia. I hope you join me as I burn things in my kitchen!
And I hope you remember that ALL women can be beautiful. Please don't judge someone until you have walked in their shoes.

Mentors Are A Key To Success.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

After a meeting in Dallas last week I decided to stop by the Mary Kay headquarters. This massive building with it's impressive sky high glass elevators and the wing with a museum honoring Mary Kay and her top sellers is awe inspiring. Why you might ask would I stop by another business who does direct marketing?


Whatever your goals are in life there is always someone whom you can gain inspiration from if you are willing to search for them. Mentors are an amazing way to gain knowledge and insight into something you really want for your life but maybe don't know how to make happen for yourself.

So back to Mary Kay. Mary Kay sells different products than we do at Be Personalized. But her business of giving women the opportunity to work for themselves, have more balance in their work/family schedule, and enjoy their job is what we are striving for here too. Having been there myself I understand the wants and needs of working independently. Dreading getting out of bed in the morning stinks and it's no way to live your life.

I really set out with this vision to make Be Personalized a wonderful opportunity for those who are searching for it. 
And that's exactly what we do for Be Personalized consultants everyday! 

I really enjoy helping others. But only when I could help myself achieve what I needed to did my cup run over enough to pour out blessings to other people. The same goes for you. Find a mentor(or several!), don't expect them to give away any secrets, but earnestly study their successes and failures, work hard, make something of yourself. Then go help others.

The more you give, the more you receive. ~ My favorite quote found in the Mary Kay Museum.

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